Halloween Fiction: the sculptor: 7 of 11

*** part: 123456 ***

It took two days before Thomas could deal with Moira or her doctors.  His brother had met him at the new house, helping with the unpacking.  Thomas hadn’t told him about his experience with the sculptures, suspicious that Patrick would tease him even more than the movers had.  Instead he asked Pat to put them away on other emotional grounds.  ‘They remind me of Moira too much,’ Thomas had explained.  That reason firstsculpturealtwas valid too, and Pat dutifully unpacked them, locking them back in their cabinet, without questioning his big brother further.

For the rest of the weekend, Pat kept Thomas distracted with stories about college and drinking parties.  Those kind of things had never really interested Thomas, but at least they kept him from dwelling on his nightmare too much.  Monday morning, after Pat left for college, Thomas called Dr. Kendle.  Quietly he told him about the journals, describing how far back they went and how complete they were.  “Violet can keep the journals for me until I get to the hospital on Tuesday.”  Kendle had been enthusiastic about the find,  “She has keys to my office in the hospital.  We can keep them there.  This may be what we need to bring Moira back completely.”

“I’m glad I found them, then.”  Thomas tried to sound happy, but thinking about the journals brought back memories of those animated demons.

“I have good news for you, too, Thomas.”  Kendle’s smile was almost audible.

“What?”  anticipation snapped Thomas back into the conversation.

“We’d tried to call you this weekend,” he started.

“My phone just got hooked up today,”  Thomas interjected apologetically, as a wave of guilt hit him.  A little voice inside of his mind chastised him or not sitting by the phone, unmoving, waiting for the hospital to call with news.

“We figured,” Kendle sounded a little peevish, frustrated at being cut off in the middle of his progress report.

“What happened?”

“Moira recognized Violet Saturday morning.”  Kendle sounded triumphant.

The news made Thomas stand up, it shocked him so much.  “What?”

“That’s not all,”  the voice merrily crackled over the phone, “yesterday she was sitting up in bed, responding to her name.”

“Oh, my God.” Thomas was shaking with the news.  Of all the times for him to be out of reach, why did it have to be now?

“It’s fantastic, isn’t it!”  Again, Thomas could hear the grin as it spread across Kendle’s face.  “Taking her off the mediation seems to have helped.  I’ve asked Violet to stay with her as much as she can, to try and keep her with us.”

“I’ll be in later today,”  Thomas rushed to say, the guilt and joy competing within him.

“That’s wonderful,”  Kendle said, “with luck she’ll recognize you.”

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