Month: November 2014

By Maine Hands: Lara Max

10608574_1563157867251545_3699909052524381753_o10518332_770945506312086_3787276981629992757_oThe other great mind behind our pop up store is Lara Max. She has an amazing array of art – painting, jewelry and the most amazing ringing bowls you have ever seen. She is indeed one of the most multi-talented people I have ever met.   10513358_1566956676871664_2928692483301329540_nHere are some photos I pilfered from her facebook page.

Her website gives you an idea of her work philosophy.  What it does not tell you is that this woman is a delight to work with and just awesome.  Anyone who has a steel forge in their studio is a force to be reckoned with.10298326_1574460622787936_4291759176065313028_o

By Maine Hands: Lori Davis

So, one of my partners in this popup store is the incomparable  Lori Davis.  She’s a fantastic photographer, with the most amazing work.  I have traded days of my life for her work, which is quite a precious thing for me to give.  Her greeting cards, magnets and prints will be available at our popup – worth coming all on their own. If you can’t make it to our pop up, don’t worry, she sells her work online.  Here is her website:

loridavis  I can’t wait until next weekend!

By Maine Hands – update

I have never been so grateful to code enforcement.

As it turns out we will not be able to open the pop-up store on Saturday (TOMORROW!), as I had hoped, because the code enforcement ducks will not be in a row until next week.  This wound up being one of the most amazing blessings I could have gotten, as I rather spectacularly lost my struggle with being sick Wednesday afternoon.  The past two days, I have been a useless pile of wheezing, coughing, fevered misery.  The only thing I have worked on was a small essay on how each cough was like an adventure – that sudden numbness in the hands and legs, the pain in the ribs, the inability to conceive of having the strength to cough again, only to do so.  Such things keep me sane.

At any rate, we will be open by next weekend.  So far, we are thinking that our hours will be Thursday through Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm; Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm.  However, if you want us there other times, just let us know!  We want to make the most of this month.  We are right across from the Alamo theater, beside Blush.

As for Small Business Saturday – I will be here at the studio in the house from 1 to 4 pm, if you want to make an appointment.  Because I am stuffy enough to be hard of hearing, I do recommend you call first – 207.567.3928.

Back to We have some pictures of how the store looks now – we will show you how we manage to pull this all together by next Thursday.  The bottom picture is a bit blurry, but then again, so are we right now.

the beginnings of a store...
the beginnings of a store…
Lara Max and Lori Davis - my partners in this crazy adventure!
Lara Max and Lori Davis – my partners in this crazy adventure!

By Maine Hands

logo7_sepiaBucksport has given artists and craftsmen a great opportunity – they are supporting Pop Up stores through the month of December.  There are a host of us that will be in one – called By Maine Hands – that will be directly across from the Alamo theater!

Right now there are fourteen different artist and craftsmen involved.  We are hoping to have our grand opening on Small Business Saturday, and we will be constantly adding stock throughout the month of December!  I am ridiculously excited and somewhat intimidated at the thought of getting a store together in days.

Keep posted for more information.  I’ll be giving lists of people involved – the hours of the store – and so much more.

disjointed and confused

I feel somewhat disjointed from my art right now as I frantically learn CSS.  I knew XHTML and PHP but keep running into glitches with CSS.  For whatever calling outreason, my coding seems to be possessed.  Since I could not even begin to figure out what is going wrong, I have been throwing information at my brain and hope something will spark an epiphany.

But eventually this will manifest itself in a luscious new website for

However, what the small parts of my mind that refuse to engage in this coding nonsense have been thinking about, during the near week since I last posted, is that art truly is a refuge.  While I teach myself this new skill and have bug after bug show up in my coding, I feel disjointed, confused and wonder how I lost so many IQ points.

When I take even a few minutes of break to write a poem or sketch on my iPad, i feel restored almost instantly.  The impossible becomes almost viable.  My heart heals and my spirit feels soothed and my energies feel aligned with the universe.

Until I sit back at my computer and see that the website template did indeed change – just not to what I wanted and not in any way I could have expected.  Then I am right back to disjointed and confused.

This too shall pass.  I will eventually either figure it out or ask the right person the right question and the ones and zeros will fly through the patterns I have designed as though they have been greased with oil.



let there be light!

Power came back on thicommunion1_5x7s afternoon – while I was gone and the dog was misbehaving (or selflessly saving me from the shameful carbs in that loaf of bread.)  kisskiss_5x7

As soon as electricity re-entered my life, I had a thousand things I needed to do, now being so far behind that I can barely comprehend it.  Sadly, though, I was much wearier than I expected to be.  It was as though whatever adrenalin that kept me going through days of loading the wood stove and lugging water for the toilet and other jobs that became shockingly time-consuming without appliances and toys just communion2_5x7melted away.spiritlikebeauty_5x7

Plus, even though this should have caused another adrenalin reaction on its own, I started making a list of the things I wanted to do and wound up nearly passing out from the stress of it.  This really is an ungodly amount of work for one person. It could cause some hyperventilation.  Still, I cannot be faced with that workload and then idly fall apart.trinity_5x7communion_5x7

So, I worked with what energy I had: I started laundry (oh, there is so much laundry), queued up some social media for myself and clients, and began to add new products to the online store: $10 pen and inks, original pieces of art, 5×7 inches, that can be the affordable gift. These are the first pieces… each image goes to praise_5x7dancing_5x7the product page.

Given my cognitive problems lately,  I am almost proud: I managed to figure out which jobs I had on that massive to do list that were actually within my abilities and then I managed to nibble off a few chunks  of work.

Now, tomorrow, I must move mountains.

laughing_5x7  cryingout_5x7 simplepleasures_5x7  givethanks_5x7 coy_5x7   unrequitedlove_5x7

quiet stillness

10731029_10204225210221949_8644308816572140696_n  10616601_10204225221222224_2448259781153986879_n 10430502_10204225226662360_7275952705031865008_n 10710920_10204225236582608_1751838363833920508_n 10703698_10204225279663685_4826561647674262182_nI have not had power since Saturday morning, about 9 am.

This has lead to a lot of meditation, art and other things.

I have to say, though, in between bouts of complaining and physical strain, the lack of electricity has been strangely soothing.  It has made me think about the pace of my life – the self-imposed stress and fear – and for at alone, I should be grateful.

And I am grateful.

Only, I have sat in this restaurant for nearly two hours letting my electronics charge and I should really get myself moving back home.  The fire needs to be fed.  Animals need to be cuddled.  There remains a lot of art to be made.

It looks like I will be back online before Thursday.  Maybe I have power at home and this errand was unnecessary.  Either way, I will blog again eventually.

IMG_5702 IMG_57041925352_10204225194941567_3284521442037720174_n