about asha

asha is a poet, artist, potter and sculptor living on the coast of Maine.

Her path began in a totally different trajectory. Until she reached her late-twenties, she wcropped-timchin_may2014_0005.jpgas determined to get a Ph.D. in history and work as a professor or as an historian gently caressing dusty, ancient volumes in an archive. Toward that end, she attended every college that bore the name George within the DC Metro area for undergraduate and graduate studies, while she worked as a researcher at the Library of Congress and Folger Shakespeare Library.

For many years, she struggled with the tension between what she thought she should do and an intense call to work as an artist and writer. Even as she matriculated, she could not escape the impulse to make art. Poems sprang into being on the margins of her text books; sketches infiltrated her notes. For every major paper assigned for a class, she wrote a short story as a reward. Waiting for the metro provided enough time for a few lines of verse to form in her mind. Throughout college, graduate school, marriage and traditional jobs, creativity kept squirming out through the bars of her responsibilities.

IMG_2660Eventually, illness and disability pushed her away from scholarship and regular nine-to-five employment and into the embrace of the arts. First, she threw herself head long into writing poetry and fiction. Then she started to teach herself how to paint and sculpt. Once she got better at adapting to her body’s new normal, she began to take pottery classes at Manassas Clay in Virginia. Quickly, she became seduced by the possibility of making the perfect

As her artistic range spread over new mediums, asha celebrated the sense of wholeness that came to her when she let herself create. Finally, she surrendered all of her energy to this glorious compulsion. Now, her days revolve around rendering the inspiration which bubbles forth from her into form – using word, pigment or clay. For the past six years, she has run her own studio-gallery in Stockton Springs, Maine, both selling her art and teaching other people how to serve their creativity.

“I am indescribably thankful that my work brings me such bliss.

Creativity – no matter what medium it demands in the moment – is as important to my being as oxygen. I believe that we are imaginative, inventive beings to our core. To deny it would be folly.”

In 2009, she wrote this tiny poem which unintentionally detailed her philosophy:

all our lives,
we create art –
neither from the other
can ever be teased apart.

For more information about asha, or just to get a general idea of what she is working on at any given moment, you should check out her blog. She updates it as frequently as possible without being too ridiculously obsessive. Click here to go there. Also, she has a secondary blog about matters of faith and meditation. If you are interested in those subjects, click here.

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