Ceramic Intentions by asha fenn

Ceramic intentions, or as I used to call them prayerstones, began as an attempt to recreate something that gave me quite a bit of comfort as a child – worry stones.

At first, I simply made smooth pieces of stoneware, unglazed. Very quickly, I began to add words on the back and designs on the front, most often things that were close to my heart.

sonya As time wore on, I began to receive requests. “Please, put a hole in the top, so I can wear it as a pendant.” “Please, can you glaze them like the other pottery.” Those two were accompanied by what seemed like scores of requests for messages themselves.

I am glad I listened. Some of the suggested messages are delightful – like “I am awesome” and “blessed be” and “Calm the $&#* down” ( I have versions with both the real letters and the substitutes.) Also, as you can see in the slideshow above, they make for fine necklaces, even in the larger size.

In addition to pendants, I have seen them used as key chain holders, elements in wind chimes, the terminus on light pulls, ornstonesaments for the holidays and as prayer pieces.



If you are interested in ordering stones, particularly ones with a specific pattern or message, I take commissions. Also, I welcome wholesale and bulk accounts.

chaiHere is an example of a commission: the stones below were ordered by a friend. I sculpted the chai from an image on Wikipedia. This was the most intensive commission to date, requiring a brand new stamp. But now the chai is a regular part of my ceramic intention reservoir.

A few years ago, I made 200 intentions for a non-profit, All with the sun symbol below and the word “shine” on the back.


Email to start the process of ordering Ceramic Intentions for your non-profit, shop or yourself.

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