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poem: delicate balance

The engine
of my ambition
has broken down today.

It sits in the sun-drenched field
like an ancient tractor,
unwilling to move.

It has served its time.

All that is left
is this intense need
for quiet and stillness –
i would do nothing today
that would compromise
this delicate balance,
for one hand holds peace
while the other dances
with oncoming winter.

There is no shame
in movement,
for i am normally driven.
i love the days
when wild ebullience
flows through me
like music,
riding bareback
on ink
or paint
or clay.

Ah, but not right now.
In this instant
i am the wind
and the leaf,
completely clear
in my vision
if i don’t wreck my focus
by trying.

30 november 2015

motes of dust

Today was the first day in God knows how long that I had no appointments, nothing that had to be done two days ago, no one tapping their foot, waiting for my time.  This was a blessing of the highest order.  Don’t get me wrong, as I wrote in yesterday’s blog, I have a thousand things to do.  Chaos and mess surround me.  Stress and anxiety could kill me if I let them. But no one stands over me with a whip, demanding every second of my afternoon.  For once, all of the pressure and plans were self-inflicted.  Once I realized this, I gave myself a gift: I went upstairs with a book, and alternated between reading and meditating.

Stillness is awesome when I can achieve it.  Calm and quiet can nurture as much as food buddhaandspiritand water. For long stretches there was nothing but the words of the book, then for more spells I sat quietly inside this beloved space I will soon be turning over to the embrace of winter, listening to everything going on around me, opening my eyes to see tiny motes of dust dancing through the air – a ballet of sorts, just for me, feeling the dog’s heavy breathing as much as hearing it while he slept nearby.  As much as I want to sell my art, I was grateful for the lack of customers.  The stillness could gently recenter me without distraction.

That is my gratitude right now: for a chance to be still, quiet and empty myself of thoughts and worry.  I think I might steal another half hour… and then maybe I’ll give myself another gift, the chance to throw.

rosary: centering on love

Christ, I had been suffering, but time has taught me what the cure for my grief is:

You have brought so much love to my life, all I have to do is think about the people who have loved me: those I have lost to life’s change, those who have returned to you, those who still doggedly hang on, caring for me despite myself. You have given me the healing passion of great love. And, even if I forgot all of that, I have had strangers treat me with kindness, go out of their way to help me, and see my humanity when I was less than at my best.

The sea of faces, all people who have held out a hand to include me in the greater community of the human family, fill my heart with thanksgiving and gratitude. If I focus on these brilliant examples of love and kindness, it can counter-act any woe that I feel.

Thank you for these blessings!

And, of course, human love is but a pale reflection of the Divine – the way we channel you through ourselves and into our lives. Thank you, Christ, for the joy, blessings and comfort that you have given, for the love that has saturated my cells.

Jesus, I give you my thanks and love. Amen.

rosary: centering prayer

Jesus, life pulls me in too many directions. I struggle to regain my sense of balance.

Please, Christ, help me to calm the frantic madness and rediscover the well of peacefulness and contentment that I know sleeps within me.

Jesus, please, clear away the external demands and stimuli from my consciousness while I pray.

week (a)
Please, empty and open my mind, heart and soul.
or week (b)
Please lead me to the calm, centered space within my soul.

Lord Christ, I beg you: while I dwell within this state of sublime, gentle awareness, reach out to me.

All this I pray in the Name of the Lord. Amen.

open center

My mind keeps turning
around the open center
of a pot.

The emptiness
the clay encloses
like the space inside
the circle of my arms and chest,
and the void within my breast.

My attention stays on this space,
spinning still,
warping and bending,
this place where all else
has been pushed away
so there is room
for becoming.