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Thank you

Everything in my life is changing and i don’t know quite where it will end up.

But, i am trying again. That, in so many ways, is all that matters.

Art is for sale. Baby steps. My roommates and i have been talking about the potentials for the studio.  The fact that this house is filled with creativity, laughter, hard work and music leaves me overjoyed.

Even so, pain remains.  i regularly get overwhelmed with what i need to do, the art i want to make, the words that flow from me.  Today, i have been struggling hard against the feeling of powerlessness – that i am howling into the void. As i sat thinking about it, i realized the perfect thing to share.  This poem is in my collection New Vocabularies of Love.

And the sentiment has never been more needed in my life than right now.

A Little Forward

light to darkness coverThe forward to my new poetry collection, “light to darkness and back again.”  Each poem is paired with one of my pieces of artwork.  Available soon for kindle – just go to amazon.com.

—A Little Forward—

The poetry found within this collection holds the same relationship to life as a still does to a movie.  It is a polaroid of a moment, but not the absolute wholeness of the ever-changing story.  Even when it has a beginning, middle, and end, it remains a singularity – one spark on a continuum.

Perhaps, if the poet was very lucky, that instant contained a profound truth, something universal or some depth that another soul can cling to, or simply an observation that changed the writer’s relationship with the universe and the self. The lines may contain humor or celebration or mantra or reassurance, or they may give voice to the darkest fears and most troubling sorrows within the spirit’s journey.  No matter what one poem says, though, all is well, because the next snapshot may contain unbridled joy or love or hope that swells the heart to bursting.

If the entire experience of being human stretches out like an endless ocean, then poetry sifts for the richest drops.