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poem: goddess

In my dreams
there stood a goddess
with one profound power:
she could create
of self,
a complete destruction
of everything within the skin.

If you began to rebuild
out of the rubble
in a way that failed
to satisfy her aesthetic senses,
the ground would shake again
and the edifice of being
would come crashing down.

Each time,
the disintegration
would go further
until the spirit
was reduced
to lonely atoms,
drifting in silence,
searching for the perfect mate.

She grabbed me by the shoulders
and started to shake –
when i awoke
came tumbling out.

i have been taken apart so often,
i cannot remember,
what i was.

21 april 2016

art of the broken

IMG_2946 I took nearly an hour and a half the other day and put up all the pen and ink drawings I have created while at galleries and during hours of enfeeblement at home.  Granted, I was moving slowly and talking on the phone at the same time, but there are a lot of these works.  They began to stretch across the walls of my living room – holy spirits, goddess figures, lovebirds, prayers.

This is the art of the broken for me, something I have been doing when I am unable to manage other work.

What amazed me, though, was how much art this broken artist had created.  IMG_2947Seeing it all up on the wall filled my heart with joy – because it turned what had been something that saved my sanity and made me feel less powerless into a landscape of beauty.  Some I like more than others, of course, that is the way with art.  Unlike children, you can pick your favorites.  However, I was pleased with picture after picture.  As I took them out of the bin, I kept smiling.  Some of these just thrill me.  Two more crept into the bedroom, hanging on the wall, more personal prayers than for the walls of the living-room.

IMG_2948The last sequence, posted above my desk, were some broken-hearted musings.  I kept thinking about all the the times love has left my life – and eleven panels of pen and ink and prose poem, I reached the piece that made me feel better.  Those panels will post over the next few days.

Mostly, today, I am grateful that I have the ability to make art even in my brokenness.  At some point, I will be better able to conquer my to-do list and throw my guts out, but for now, these quite, lovely drawings make me smile wildly when I walk into my rooms.




The Holy Spirit and the Goddess

I love the image of the Goddess – in my mind it is the feminine sidgoddessandspirit6e of God. We anthropomorphize the “He” of the Divine, when God is so much more than any gender or form. Still, just as Igoddessandspirit3-150x150 adore the image of the Madonna, this image of the full figured, female God delights me. When I add the Holy Spirit with those magnificent tail-feathers, it just gets better.

At any rate, these images make me smile.

goddessandspirit4-144x300Now I want to draw a couple more…goddessandspirit5-229x300