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poem: the still, quiet voice

She wanders the desert,
still reeking of alcohol,
unsteady on her feet.

At a volume
found only when
profoundly drunk,
she shouts
what she knows is the truth,
but the barren landscape
is impassive.

It cares not
for any
of her warbling words.

Loneliness paints the horizon,
shades of blue cover the mountains.

A powerlessness pervades
against which
she stomps her feet
and redoubles her efforts
to vanquish her body’s oscillations,
to stand straight and strong.

She will be heard!

She knows where to go,
she can see what needs
to be done,
if only reason

7 november 2015

poem: i remember

i remember his words.
Wisdom from a kind stranger
that changed my understanding.
As he started his sentence,
i was one woman;
by its end,
someone utterly new.
On this day,
trapped inside my misery,
flesh collapsed into wretchedness,
i need a similar metamorphosis.
Perhaps that is why
he lives within my mind,
why i would call
if i could.
Give me some wisdom,
show me where to go.
In the absence
of the wise one,
find me a way
to whatever i need.

poem from a sermon (1 of 2)

In St. John’s Church, Bangor Maine, on May 18th, 2014, I wrote a poem and a rosary in response to Mother Rita’s sermon… here’s the first.


Jesus Christ
my Lord and Savior,
i throw myself at your feet,
hoping that the love and protection
given to fools and idiots
extends to such as me.

Keenly, Christ, i see my sins,
my weakness,
and my lack of wisdom.
i feel tragically alone and lost,
even as my mind reminds me
that i am blessed beyond measure.

The difficulties of my life
coupled by my strangely fierce faith
that i do what i am meant to
combine to leave me thrashing –
certain i know what i should do
and just as sure that without you
and the miracle of your love,
and inspiration,
i am doomed.

For, i am not enough.

i know it.

i make stupid decisions.
My guts, lusts and whims
drive more of my actions
than i wish.
Every day, i cry out to you
trapped in a fantasy of isolation.
Every day, i lose heart,
to regain some courage again,
to lose it once more.
My calm peacefulness
keeps getting punctured
by pain and grumpy frustration.
The instant i feel cocky and accomplished
i am humbled by my carelessness
and my cluelessness.

Without you, my Lord,
i would be utterly lost.

Thank you for your Love,
for a chance to be in your house today,
to be part of your Communion,
breaking my fast with you body and blood,
and thank you for shepherding
this stubborn, wayward lamb
when all i can offer in return
is my love.

i pray to you,
filled with joy
at the Glory of your Name.