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poem: a smile

i wish i could smile
in that particular way
that always ends
with my shamefully
thunderous laugh.

A delightful fire
curled my lips like smoke –
burning away the damp,
of my awareness.

Even if this respite
only lasted
for that one
it could still save
the broken shards
of my life,
their jagged edges
with light.

all day i have lamented
the problems with my eye,
and begged
for that vision
to be restored –
as i lay down,
weary and worn,
i find myself wistful,
for a smile
that would slowly
take over this dour mood
until nothing was left
but the joy.

16 July 2016

My mouth keeps moving…

Just a quick note of gratitude.

conversation10Pain has been exhausting me and making life a little more difficult than usual the past few days. I am not sleeping well, which causes more back pain, tighter muscles and  increasingly bad headaches, which then makes me not sleep well the next night, all of which repeats again at increasing amplitudes.

Tonight, a friend of mine met me for dinner, helped me with errands (carrying my stuff for me), and generally encouraged me to laugh until I cried several times.  My mouth kept moving, and frankly the urge to distract myself with words remains (hence the blog), but to have someone so willing to listen and put up with my talkativeness – well, that’s a true blessing.  I am very lucky to have the friends that fill up my life.