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i ask again

poem: the thief

If i had no bills to pay,
i would spend
a month
locked away,
writing feverishly,
all the pain
and distraction
so that these stories
can be finished.

This is what i crave,
especially now
that i am too disjointed
to fulfill my dreams

For the first time,
i require stillness
and quiet
to coax
this reluctant lover.

has to be

All of the odd jobs
that i use to survive
feel like betrayal;
i seem incapable
of meeting
my unrealistic standards
because these words
fondle me.

So, i am again a thief,
stealing time away
from the vital,
the necessary,
and the sane
to dance
with this ink
flowing from my pen.

16 december 2015

when i fall in love

loversWhen i fall in love,
i become a happier woman.
My brain works better,
whatever reversals i face
do not seem to matter.

Sunshine, birdsong
and the whispers of the stars
harmonize with the frequency of love.

The rhythm of my gait changes.
i buy small gifts
for my beloved,
i make his favorite foods
and love makes me like them too,
i overflow with kindness and desire
right to the edge of decency –
a boundary that sometimes,
in my eagerness,
i blunder over.

When i am alone,
the world feels cold,
and i,
somehow inadequate
to the responsibilities
of living.

This morning,
i hid from everything,
unable to face dawn,
cowering underneath
blankets and cats,
with the dog pressed
like a leaf
against me.
As i curled up
keeping time
with the beat of my heart,
i wondered:

what would be the harm
if i started a seduction?
If i coaxed and charmed,
until i fell in love
with myself?