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the dam bursts and the water flows

For over a week, my body tackled my aspirations and strangled them in a choke-hold until we all lost consciousness.

sleeper-300x237For days and days on end, i could not manage to be a human being. i whined enough even my animals wanted me to quiet down. For two days, migraine aura messed up my eyes enough i couldn’t see, and the headache itself kept me from thinking clearly. Not one system in my body was behaving.  i was a lump of wretchedness, dissolving into sorrow.

And thus i was every moment when i wasn’t at galleries, and too many moments when i was sitting.  This was not my best week for engaging customer service.

But today, i can see! i can think! i can move! Last night, during those first hints that things were getting better, i was able to start getting my house in order, taking control of the kitchen for the first time in a long time.  Once more i reminded myself that if i can work, i do.

This is the closest i get to manic, i suppose. After so many days of being derailed, to be able to function is pure joy. i was singing this morning, because i had the energy to do it. Even if i fail today, even if i get nothing useful done, at the very least i have managed to exist with contentment and zeal.

i feel like the dam has burst.

i am trying to be fearless.  Mostly, i am failing.  i am having surgery on my shoulder next week, and i am terrified not of going under the knife, but of a long recovery at home alone.  i am dissolving in debt, still working with someone trying to desperately avoid bankruptcy, but each day that this financial dissolution couples with increasing physical disability leaves me shaking harder from fear.  To be honest, i have not discovered a mechanism for complete boldness.  Some gear or another in my bravery engine keeps getting stuck.  Instead of fluid courage, there is a lot of sputtering, stopping and starting, and uneven progress.

Actually, if you’re reading this blog, you already know that.

However, if i am totally honest, i can see other signs of improvement and change.  i got a nice rejection for a book i finished in July, which was evidence of courage because i actually sent in a submission. So, i can make the most of a wild spasm of hope. The strength of will it took to get here, today, to this gallery, despite the weariness and sorrow and illness of the past week proves that i have some steadfastness.  And, most importantly, i have finally managed to set up two events to start purging my belongings so i can move:



They will be this weekend, concurrent with the Maine Craft Weekend.

This morning, i spent a long time awash in gratitude, simultaneously praying that this sense of joy and strength can maintain itself until surgery on the 7th.  i am getting everything lined up: laundry done, cooking done in advance, cleaning as much as i can, making sure my downstairs bathroom will be useful to the one-armed gimp that i will be.

i need strength and joy right now.  And, thankfully, today i have captured the delightful echoes of both.

It took until 1 o’clock

IMG_5530The floors are still a clay covered mess, and a whole “region of shame” hides behind a three panel screen, but the studio is finally clean enough that I am not oozing shame over its condition.

Perhaps, I am still lightly dripping shame, but that I can deal with.

So far, the early birds for the Maine Craft Weekend have not minded the state of this obviously working studio – for which I am quite grateful – and they have been kind and encouraging.  Darwin has been enjoying all the cookies.  IMG_5529At this rate, I’m not sure he should have supper, but with his raging case of PYFD (Post Yummy Forgetful Disorder) I am sure he will believe he has never eaten in his life and demand kibble.

I am grateful.  Of course, I don’t know how this winter will turn out, and I am still overwhelmed with work, but I get the chance to spend an outrageous amount of time making art.  That is enough to make me sing thanksgivings.

Saturday, 11 October 2014IMG_5528   IMG_5527



Maine Craft Weekend

I am slavishly following the example of a wonderful artist, Lara Max, by participating in the Maine Craft Weekend.  So, my studio will be wide open from 10 am to 4 pm each day this weekend. On a lark, I decided to add a promotion to the mix, to sweeten the pot for whomever might come:Print

20% off of any commission of any size.  Which could mean 20% off a set of dishes or 20% off the coffee mug you have always wanted.

Of course, you’ll need to give me time to make it, but I thought that it could be the best possible thing to offer: I love making people’s dreams come true.

timchin_may2014_0003Also, I’ll be making pottery – you can see a demonstration. No doubt, I will draw some pen and inks – using my old-school metal nib and dip ink, so if you want to witness one of my dancing women come into being, all you have to do is ask.  And, of course, for this is always the case for me, if you ask me for a poem I will shamelessly perform one.

So, hopefully, this weekend will be a smashing success.  I am fairly sure it will be filled with laughter.

p.s. make sure to like Lara Max’s facebook page!