Tag: moon

poem: dance with the moon

The moon
sings to me me
as she begins
her slow
turning away.
Already, she refuses
to share everything;
she knows
these small slivers
of secrecy
excite my mind.
She forgives me
for trying so hard
to protect
my heart –
although she laughs at me
for my foolishness.
i want forgiveness,
deep and abiding,
i yearn for love
despite my sins.
i want nothing more
than the wholeness
i feel
when the moon and i
dance together.

31 august 2015

poem: the moon wears a wide skirt

The moon wears a wide skirt,
flowing about her like a silver crinoline,
her brilliance blocking out
all of the night’s lesser lights.

i find myself singing
rhymes to her beauty,
thanksgivings for her kindness,
for how she caresses my upturned face.

Quiet and peace
fill this glorious inky darkness,
allowing the canvas of my life
to flourish in color and complexity.dancer alt 320x480

i find myself dancing,
mirroring the fluidity of the form
poised to leap out of my painting,
joyous inside my own peculiar grace.

Nothing else is needed
within the miracle of an evening,
spent at the intersection of ability
and inspiration.

Inside this magical speck of space-time,
i let myself sit down while paint dries
so i may pick up pen and paper
to continue my grateful communion.

8 february 2014