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poem: anger

Anger has its uses.

It can serve
as a reminder
that everyone deserves
respect –
even the one
dwelling within this skin.

Too many things matter.

i care too much.

Words can still wound.

has only gone so far,
a fragile heart
filled with healed
cracks and ruptures
dwells within this breast.

Lovely contentment
can be confounded
by unexpected cruelty,
someone else shouting
their truth.

Bright, shining hopefulness
can be shattered
by the cudgel
of insult.

Such things require time
to return to wholeness.

The anger provides fuel
for self-protection.
The shit thrown at me
fertilizes growth.

As long as i return quickly
to the embrace of love,
to the stillness in my depths,
i can see anger
as a tool –
proof that i finally
find myself unquestionably worthy
of kindness and respect.

11 april 2016

love poem

My heart slams around
within the confines of my chest,
as though my ribs are a cage
from which she would flee.

Unfortunately, i know
all the reasons why
her active ardor is not wise,
but i cannot seem to stop her.

The sensation of loving
feels too brilliant and glorious.

It dispels caution
at the sound of his voice.

i pray for protection.
i beg God to let this man
be genuine and real.

For when i close my eyes,
i see fireworks of anticipation.

He has stoked the fires
of hope and affection;
he has made me shake off
the robe of loneliness.

i take in hope,
i exhale love.