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poem: Love left me

Love left me

Everything deconstructed,
all the was left
were random patterns
of cells
and electricity.

But, then,
Love returned
in an entirely new guise,
on brilliant wings.

helped me
using whatever we found,
all we had at hand.
Like magpies,
we incorporated
the impractical and shiny,
along with the clay,
and steel.

Still, something broke
that could not be fixed,
a matter of perspective,
an understanding
of irrelevance.
Every illusion
of control
beyond repair.

This hodgepodge
of being
Love and i created
and weeps,
following the tides
of time
and sensation.

Unmoored, bobbing about
without a rudder,
yet this movement
does not seem aimless,
or perhaps
these perceived patterns
of incremental progress
are the final fiction.

7 may 2016

poem: goddess

In my dreams
there stood a goddess
with one profound power:
she could create
of self,
a complete destruction
of everything within the skin.

If you began to rebuild
out of the rubble
in a way that failed
to satisfy her aesthetic senses,
the ground would shake again
and the edifice of being
would come crashing down.

Each time,
the disintegration
would go further
until the spirit
was reduced
to lonely atoms,
drifting in silence,
searching for the perfect mate.

She grabbed me by the shoulders
and started to shake –
when i awoke
came tumbling out.

i have been taken apart so often,
i cannot remember,
what i was.

21 april 2016

Pecha Kucha

01232015_af_letloveandjoywinAfter a rough start, today became consumed by car shopping and going over my presentation for tomorrow’s pecha kucha. (Now today’s pecha kucha, i suppose.  Winter has made me an incorrigible night owl again.)

i am fascinated to see what tomorrow will bring; i can’t wait to hear the other presentations.

Hopefully, the weather will not turn against us unexpectedly and the roads will be wonderful by the time we are all going to the Alamo in Bucksport.  So far, all are optimistic.

i will write more when i am not completely consumed by the words i will be uttering tomorrow.  They barely allowed another chapter of the book i am writing to puddle out of me this morning.

Although, i suppose i can remark on one accomplishment for which i am grateful: my online store has 568 different choices for you.  Paintings, prints, original pen and inks, greeting cards, bookmarks and .mp3 files – all await for purchase.  My data entry marathon nears its end… only 100 more poems or so.

See you tomorrow!