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poem: i would dance

Oh, i would dance
in the bright sunshine.

Let the cold breeze
lead me
in a scandalous waltz.

i would throw myself
into labors like Hercules,
moving mountains,
transforming the world.

the hardest thing
is to be quiet,
to let the body
that craves action
and touch
to lie fallow
and heal.

My mind can race
the stars,
but today
these aching muscles
have nowhere
they have to go.

17 november 2015

Time away

For the first time since i started this business four and a half years ago – and probably for a good year before that – i actually got out of my house for more than a couple of days, traveled long distances and took some time away from all my artistic pursuits. i got to see the clouds from above.  My heart sang with joy.  Vacations are difficult with this life i lead – i love my work, taking time away from what gives me bliss can almost hurt. Also, during these first years in business, all extra funds have gone back into the art.  Clay, canvas, paint, glaze, all cost money – not to mention the bigger ticket items like kilns and wheels and the equipment needed to repair them.  The harder i have been working, the more i have been selling my art, the more money i have needed to put back into the business.

And so it might have remained forever, until blessed human kindness took me away from my static, comfortable situation. A good friend and her family invited me into their home for the week of Thanksgiving.  This gift left me awed with gratitude. The trip helped me more than i realized – i found myself enjoying Miami and adoring my time in their home.

That said, at first, it felt terribly odd.  Instead of patterning my life around my work, i began to flow around the patterns of their lives.  i was able to swim, to rest, to recharge.  Truly, i had not known how much i needed those things.  My bones ached to be in the water.  My spirit needed the comfort of watching a loving family in action.  Neither of these needs were apparent to me until they were alleviated.

Tomorrow, i will have been home a week and it’s been difficult for me to start working in an orderly fashion again. My head is filled with dreams. Part of this comes from the great flood of inspiration and information that came to me during the week away.  Perhaps things will start straightening themselves out tomorrow and i will return to my groove.  Or, maybe, i will continue dreaming of what could come.  My expectations have widened to the point that everything seems possible.