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poem: sliver light

Silver light streamed
through clouds
pregnant with snow.
The fragile, warbling rays
were enough to turn
the white blanket
that so recently
conquered the landscape
into innumerable fallen stars.

Every tree branch
wore a coat of ice,
dazzling translucence.

The sight filled me
with profound joy.

For the first time
in weeks,
i felt the dance
of words and verse
move through my soul.


asha fenn, December 2017

a sweet pause

A quick note, before I start on my topic: this is written the day after Martin’s adventure avoiding flea treatment – and as I type he is on my lap, practicing his acupuncture skills and purring. I am forgiven!

Today has become a sweet pause in the blurry mess of life. This morning I had hoped to visit a dear friend in Portland, but the weather worked against us.

Once I accepted that those plans had been thwarted, I ran a few errands. I couldn’t help but smile as I threw a woman off her game at the grocery store. She nearly walked into a display looking at cans of dog food, a tub of cottage cheese, a fresh pineapple and AA batteries in my cart. Not the bread and milk she expected. Before the weather began, I was back home with the dog beating the wall with his tail as I stacked a week’s worth of food.

Since then, I have been taking it easy. I have been given this opportunity, so I am making sure my back is not taxed one iota. Reading, napping, cuddling with the animals, watching PBS and daydreaming have filled these hours. All traffic sounds from Route 1 have stopped. The world quiets and I have grown still with it. Sublime bliss fills the house, along with the snores and sighs of the sleeping dog and the rumbling contentment of the cats.

None of the unreasonable angst that haunted the past few days matters in this wondrous moment.

I am grateful to my bones.

the cold seeps into my bones

The cold seeps into my bones,
quieting me,
lulling me into stillness,
convincing my muscles
that there is no merit in moving.
No fear enters my heart,
nor any lonely angst,
for my frozen blood
can carry nothing
but silence.
The winter has settled in,
altering the rhythm of life
to something slow and magical.
Everything centers around
the gentle lifting
of my dog’s breath,
the sighing hush
of his exhale
as he sleeps beside me,
and the softness of the blankets
that wrap around me.

poems in snowfall

Written December 15, 2013–

Poems in snowfall

The world has stopped.
Even the busy road
in front of the house
has been tucked underneath
a thick blanket of snow
and gone to sleep.
All the animals snore,
rocked to sleep by the stillness
until they float away
on carpets of dreams.
Exotic sensations of warmth
greet the body
embraced by four layers of clothes
and swaddled tight
by even more quilts.
Poems bend like ribbons
floating through the air,
whirling dervishes of words
reaching out from my heart
twisting and climbing
until they reach you.