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This morning, i awoke drenched in gratitude and joy. When the sun comes out, after so long in the torrential rain, it feels like a blessing beyond measure. This is what is happening with my life.

Too often, i have complained in this blog. In many ways, the last eighteen months had been a tail of woe – told in minor keys while my voice was hoarse with desperation. Now, i am filled with hope and such big dreams. i am adapting well to this life of regular employment. Even better, i am enjoying it. My art, thankfully, keeps pouring out of me. Yesterday afternoon was drenched in love, poetry and drawing. The one i love is once again close enough to touch; the starvation of affection is being sated. Even my face seems to be relaxing from the terrible pain it had been in. A solid three quarters of my face can smile now.

Usually i hoard these moments of joy to myself – choosing to throw myself into them rather than write them down on paper. i am often without moderation or restraint, fully imbibing happiness when it comes. The purging process of writing usually centers around sorrow and stress, not the delicacies of joy and gratitude. Oh, but, this time, i feel compelled to give thanks out loud and in song. That life can transform, even when there are still so many problems and stresses, is a blessing of the highest order. With greater success, i am able to choose in the moment what i want to be: joyous or anxious. Granted, there are still a lot of times when i fall down, but the shifts i celebrate in these words are as much internal as external.

So, today, even with my eye tearing, and my lips still frozen, i am swimming in an ocean of gratitude. Everything was worth it, to bring me this moment of satisfaction and contentment. With every moment, i am growing, deepening and swimming in love.

another yardsale

photo 1Once more, I have books and kitchen tools, glass cookware, and a lot of pottery seconds for sale beside my studio.  Thankfully, it is a lovely day – there is a breeze, the sun is glorious, the lilacs are not trying to murder me anymore.  Next weekend, the studio itself will be painted, precipitating some time off for me – my allergy to latex trumping the obsessive need to work.

This is delightful, to be honest.  People are praising the seconds, which makes me feel good.  One woman insisted that she could not go in the studio itself, for fear of what she would buy – given how many seconds she put into her car.  As I watch, the excess items of my life move further away.  The process thrills me.photo 3

But, mostly, I find myself excited by the chance to be outside, feeling the breeze and enjoying the sunshine.  My days are hectic beyond measure  which is such a good thing, I know.  Nevertheless, quiet and stillness have become precious.  My entire being craves them – and today, I get to enjoy nothing more than the sound of the breeze and the warmth of the sun between the customers.

It’s wonderful.photo 2

And with that, I think I’m going to turn off the computer and the phone and simply breathe for awhile.

Every few days, I have an experience that leaves me in a rapture of happiness.  It usually isn’t something huge, but like this current instant: a small speck of time drenched by small pleasures tucked in the middle of madness.