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Thank you

Everything in my life is changing and i don’t know quite where it will end up.

But, i am trying again. That, in so many ways, is all that matters.

Art is for sale. Baby steps. My roommates and i have been talking about the potentials for the studio.  The fact that this house is filled with creativity, laughter, hard work and music leaves me overjoyed.

Even so, pain remains.  i regularly get overwhelmed with what i need to do, the art i want to make, the words that flow from me.  Today, i have been struggling hard against the feeling of powerlessness – that i am howling into the void. As i sat thinking about it, i realized the perfect thing to share.  This poem is in my collection New Vocabularies of Love.

And the sentiment has never been more needed in my life than right now.

101 blog posts

water2bI just realized, this is my 101st blog entry since I deleted everything and had to start the blog process over again. 101 entries ago, I wrote while still in shock over the years of entries lost.

Now as I type these letters, I find myself laughing.  I wonder what I have written in these 101 blogs.  Never more am I a creature of the moment than with the written word.  Once I start a new project, the old almost disappears from my mind.  Although, I have tried to treat you well with my work.

These past six months have been a real whirlwind for me, hopefully the journey through these blogs entertained you.

Now for the next hundred!  As long as I don’t delete it all again.

For the 101st blog to have some flourish, I will leave you with some poems of gratitude.

the best year ever:

two poems about gratitude:

thank God: